Fun Facts About Wine

Apr 7, 2018 | Wine History

When and where did wine making begin?

No one knows – it is a moveable feast but our best guess is that it started somewhere in near Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Wine making evidence has been found in Georgia dating back to around 6000 BC.

How was that early wine made? Did they have wine barrels?

No, but they used the next best thing – a hollow tree trunk. Georgians would hollow out a tree trunk, fill it with grapes, tread them, and then tip the juice, skin, pips and stems into a big beeswax-lined clay jar called a kvevri.

How long did the Georgians wait to drink their wine after harvest?

The wine makers would seal the kvevri and set the grape juice mixture ferment for six months or longer before cracking it open and enjoying their wine. The tradition still exists in the small towns and villages of Georgia.

Where did the name wine come from?

The Georgians call wine gvino . The Greeks – oenos. The Italians  – vino. The French – vin.

Who was the first vineyard owner?

Remember Noah in the Old Testament who was dealing with water issues? In the Book of Genesis, the first thing Noah did after the great flood waters retreated was to plant a vineyard. The date? 2350 BC. By the way, Noah’s ark came to rest somewhere in the Caucasus Mountains, not far from the towns and villages of Georgia.

Did the Egyptians drink wine in ancient times?

Well King Tut did. His tomb contains 36 jars of wine labeled the style, year, area of production and the name of the producer. He lived from 1341 to 1323 BC.

Perhaps he designed the first wine labels, too.

What came first – wine bottles or jugs?

Jugs came first. By 600 BC the Phoenicians were making gorgeous glass jugs and selling them on their trade routes all over the Mediterranean.

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