Five new members were elected to the History Center Board of Directors at our Annual Meeting in May 2017: John Ashbaugh, Bill McCarthy, Zach McKiernan, Bill McQuilkin, and Phil Tillman. These new leaders bring a wealth of talent and enthusiasm, including professional experience with non-profit administration, higher education, technology, public history, and politics.

Earlier this spring, outgoing president Julie Moore turned over the reins of the organization to interim co-presidents John Schutz and Pete Kelley. John and Pete worked closely with staff to manage the History Center through the summer. Bill McCarthy was elected president at our September 2017 board meeting and has pledged to serve through 2018. His new cabinet includes president elect Bill McQuilkin, vice president Sandy Baer, treasurer Roberta Soules, and secretary Jack San Filippo.

Our new president is a software engineer and artist who moved to San Luis Obispo in 2013 with his wife Margot Zirion (a San Luis native) and five children. Bill has held a variety of board and leadership positions in non-profits, most recently as development committee chair for the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art board. He is a member of the History Center’s Dallidet and Development Committees and chair of our Communications Committee.